Shipping Policy

Shipping time is estimated and may be increased depending on the security situation of the country as well as the schedules of the carrier lines (Sea and Air).

The shipping company compensates any shipment damaged by poor handling or storage with a value of no more than $1000, while the company is not responsible for any shipment that has been stolen or lost while it’s not in it’s possession.

Any delay resulting from a security situation، customs procedure، a shipping line within China or Libya is not in any way responsible for the company.

The goods will be stored in the company’s warehouse in Libya after the arrival of the shipments for a maximum of 10 days and incase of any delay receiving the shipment in the period mentioned a floor value will be calculated for each day 10 dinars per cubic meter for sea shipments and 5 dinars per kilogram for air cargo.

Estimated shipping duration:

       1.Air freight

The duration of air freight is 10 to 20 days (Normal Conditions) from the date of receiving the shipment in china warehouse to reach the warehouse in Tripoli.

      2. Sea shipping 

The sea shipping transit time is 45 – 60 days from the date the shipment arrival at the warehouse in in China.


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